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Why Is My Email Marketing Not Working?
Episode 6123rd December 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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So, you’ve been emailing your subscribers every week (or more) but all of your hard work just doesn’t seem to be paying off…

Your open rates or click-through rates might be lower than you’d like and you may not be making many or even any sales at all.

You might be starting to wonder if there is even any point to email marketing.

Should you give up? Is your business just not made for email? Would you be better off using homing pigeons to send your mail?

Well, don't go throwing in the towel just yet...

What you should be focusing on is how you can fix your email marketing issues and lucky for you, we’re going to help you to do just that…

Why Is My Email Marketing Not Working?

Episode Content

  • (02:29) First things first, what does “it’s not working” actually mean?
  • (03:10) The biggest problem with open rates.
  • (04:36) What is working for YOU?
  • (05:30) Why your results might actually be a lot better than you think. 
  • (06:38) The main metric we really look for to measure success.
  • (08:07) The other factor you really need to consider when measuring your email success.
  • (09:09) The flip side of this super important factor. Feeling a little better?
  • (11:33) OK, so your email definitely isn’t working. How can you improve it?
  • (12:32) Do you have your own Kennedy loves him.
  • (14:17) What are you training your subscribers to do?
  • (16:29) The ‘getting to know you’ sequence and why you absolutely should have this.
  • (17:24) How often are you emailing your subscribers?
  • (19:10) The one insanely-incredible-undeniable fact about email marketing.
  • (20:24) The little dude stroking his goatee and this week’s subject line of the week.

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