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Riverdale High AV Club - Megan and Ezra EPISODE 61, 16th March 2021
61. Archie - But Actually Cool and Interesting
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61. Archie - But Actually Cool and Interesting

Join your hosts Megan and Ezra with a shocking and wild chapter of Archie Investigates: Betty Books It! Ezra leads the way as we follow Betty Cooper Super Sleuther in a little investigative journalism, and we aren't too surprised when she stumbles into a mystery to solve! She also wears a raccoon costume.

Then Megan brings us to the tropics where Josie and the Pussycats are relaxing on vacation, and Valarie makes a new friend...or three? Yikes.

Remember friends - don't take dating advice from Archie!

Segments: Archie Investigates, Odds and Friends, Gag Bag Grab Bag