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010 | Tackling stress & building resilience, with Adele Stickland
Episode 108th October 2021 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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If you'd like to tackle your stress levels and build up your resilience, or you want to find ways to help the people in your organisation with both these things - this episode of the HR Coffee Time podcast is here to help.

Host, Fay Wallis interviews Resilience Workplace Trainer and Coach, Adele Stickland for key tips and insights about stress, resilience and wellbeing.

Key Points From This Episode

[01:34] Introduction to Adele

[03:53] Adele's definition of resilience

[06:21] The relationship between resilience and stress

[09:43] The link between resilience and emotional intelligence

[10:14] Adele's personal experience of burnout

[12:06] Routines create a sense of psychological safety

[14:56] The benefits of creating a 'pretend' commute

[15:30] Presenteeism and burnout

[16:29] Finding the skills to separate ourselves from chronic stress

[16:55] We already know what we should be doing to look after ourselves

[17:45] Dissonance explained

[18:49] Research about deferred gratitude (the marshmallow experiment)

[19:52] Why coaching is more powerful than giving advice

[21:29] Tips for HR professionals to help build personal resilience

[27:35] Adele's book recommendation, "The How of Happiness: A Practical Guide to Getting The Life You Want" by Sonja Lyubomirsky

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