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Unf*ck My Business - Unfuck My Business EPISODE 1, 1st June 2021
Marketing vs Branding vs Advertising
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Marketing vs Branding vs Advertising

"Marketing creates word of mouth but without consistent advertising that tells the market where, when, and for how much; you will miss out on opportunities that only come from the double-tap"

Marketing and Advertising are the primary drivers of brand awareness and sales, but what are they? What's really happening? Which one comes first? How do we implement them? Robyn and Shea tackle the Chicken and Egg of business with insights, humor, and practical advice.

In this episode: Robyn Sayles, Shea Jeffers


More about Sheahadin "Shea" Jeffers:

Shea is a brand strategist and business catalyst that specializes in connecting the dots between problems, opportunities, and strategy. Owner of Stratgix Consulting and Co-Owner of the Keystone Mastermind Alliance. He provides perspective and context that burns away the "fog of business" and allows businesses to develop and focus on solutions customized for their distinct world. 

Connect with Shea:


LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/SheaJeffers

IG/FB: Stratgix

FB: CatalystToSuccess-Shea Jeffers


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