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How To Develop A Feminist Business Strategy With Staci Hauschild
Episode 16416th June 2022 • The 5-Minute Strategist • Diane Mayor
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If you want to audit your business against your values, feminist or not, this episode will show you how.

Staci Hauschild walks you through the foundations and pillars needed for a solid business strategy and how to view each with a feminist lens.

Key Takeaway

Each pillar of your strategy needs to have an outward business focus and an inward values focus

We talk about

  • The foundations of a solid business strategy
  • The pillars of the strategy and how they can be feminist focused
  • How to avoid overwhelm while aligning your business
  • What to do when what your business needs conflicts with your values
  • Staci’s lifestyle boundary for her business
  • The worst cookie-cutter advice Staci’s been given on her lifestyle business


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