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1001 – Financial Services for Entrepreneurs with Alchemy Accounting’s Michelle Cooper
4th December 2021 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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Seeking Financial Magic On the show with us today is Michelle Cooper, CEO of Alchemy Accounting. Alchemy Accounting is a straight-talking, numbers-loving bookkeeping and accounting firm dedicated to entrepreneurs who demand clear, easy-to-understand, accurate financial information to make powerful decisions at every stage of their business. Whether you are starting, growing or scaling your business, we support you with the right services. Their goal is to end suffering for entrepreneurs when it comes to their bookkeeping and accounting. They believe too many entrepreneurs struggle with their business finances. Alchemy Accounting wants you to feel proud of running your business and positive even if you feel your numbers aren’t good enough right now. There is no need to feel disempowered, lost or alone when it comes to financials. It doesn’t have to be hard! If You are a mission-driven, purpose-driven business owner with big dreams. You to have it all with the help from Alchemy Accounting. Michelle is powerhouse entrepreneur; High priestess of profit, Accountant, Business Coach, Speaker, Mom, Adventurer and world traveler, Straight-talker, and Big-hearted. Too many entrepreneurs struggle with their business finances. She will help you sort out your financial chaos so you can proudly run your business. Ultimately, she ends suffering for entrepreneurs around financials and money help you fall in love with your numbers. Her experience includes more than 20 years of working in business strategic growth and 20 years of working with taxes, financial strategy and analysis in high-pressure, fast-moving environments. Michelle has worked on the frenzied European trading floor for a top bank. Created tax and strategy plans in the hallowed halls of international tax and audit firms. Architectural firms, food and beverage and manufacturers have turned to her to help them go from red to black. Ten years ago, She opened Alchemy Accounting and Bookkeeping after working with high-profile, passion-driven entrepreneurs who were successful on the outside, but, behind the scenes, their business financials were a mess. Worse, when they met with traditional accounting firms, they said they felt judged, shamed or embarrassed about their financial disorganization. Michelle Won’t judge! She educates about your business finances – and keep it simple! By working fast, staying in touch regularly and returning calls. Michelle is here to help. If your business is thriving and doing great. You’re a success! Now it’s time to get your finances on track too. Grow your wealth. Stay profitable. Imagine: Your business accounting is current; Your books up to date; Your tax worries resolved. Michelle does not just talk about financial peace of mind – she will deliver it to you. Her approach being straight-talking, honest, transparent with a dash of tough love as needed. She’s not going to sugar coat anything when it comes to your business financials, and will always have a custom action plan ready to go for you. Bookkeeping and accounting is what she does best, so you can focus on what you do best. So, if you need peace of mind and confidence in the financial foundation of your business. Michelle will straighten out your finances, get you on track and give accurate, detailed financial records. In a Judgement-free, easy-to-understand, simplicity and customized Business – these principles you want. Learn more about Alchemy Accounting and what Michelle does as CEO on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur. More from UpMyInfluence ✅ We are actively booking guests for our DAILY Entrepreneur Success Podcast. Schedule HERE. ✅ Are you a 6-figure consultant? Let us fill your sales schedule and move you to 7-figures. Learn more here. ✅ Check out our free Authority Transformation Masterclass.



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