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Chaos and Food Cravings
Episode 820th November 2021 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Chaos and Food Cravings – Podcast Interview with Laura Folkes

Calming the Chaos welcomes Laura Folkes, a Holistic Health Coach in Chicago. Laura helps clients around the world work transform their relationships with food. As a Holistic Health Coach, Laura helps clients identify and work through any areas where they feel stuck, unsupported or self-sabotaging, and helps them reach their goals with food and eating.

The goal: In this podcast, Laura talks about her own journey of chaotic eating, and how she was able to experience a truce with food. Laura provides some tips, tools and techniques that will help you:

1. Identify and explore any areas where you feel “stuck” in your relationship with food

2. Assess for any areas of self-sabotage

3. Provide support as you move toward achieving your goals with food and eating

4. Help you continue to notice when you are eating in / out of alignment with your goals

1. Introduction to Laura

• Your journey of chaotic eating – Back to age 12-13 and the “Diet program”

• Laura says, “I went into a fog.. Sometimes I was eating in alignment with my goals, and sometimes I was not”

• “I started exploring my own relationship with food and developed an interest in helping others heal in that area.”

• I was “Super burnt out with Diets”

2. Chaos and food / eating

• Cravings: When she was a child, she wasn’t aware of cravings. It was when she was an adult she became more aware: “Food can be a form of self-protection.”

• There is usually something else going on that is causing overeating

• High / Low Blood sugar can cause cravings

• When “there is something wrong with me,” a craving began to eat

• Physical / Emotional Cravings are both very real.

• Possible Physical Factors behind “Cravings”

• If you are craving something shortly after eating, and

• You are feeling your energy is dipping

• Hangry

• Arriving at a meal ravenous

• Possible Emotional Factors behind “Cravings:

• Phantom Hunger

• Emotionally craving something

• Guilt and Shame around a food choice

• An insatiable craving around a food choice

• Eating when you don’t want the food

3. What is self-sabotage? “When we are actively or passively stopping ourselves from reaching our own goals.” (Or…”I’m getting in my own way”)

• You want to achieve a goal, but it doesn’t happen, and you don’t know why

• You are doing behaviors with food you don’t want

• There is guilt or shame after behaviors with food

• Self-Sabotage can show up in other areas like work, relationships, shopping

4. What did Laura learn about self-sabotage?

• “My past is still controlling me!” She was bullied at school, this still affected her

• The fear of “being misunderstood” caused emotional eating

• Food as “A safe place” when the world misunderstands you

• You can learn to “bully” or “control” yourself when you feel out of control

• Consider possible subconscious reasons for self-sabotage

• The protective side of you can actually (subconsciously) cause self-sabotage!

5. Products and services you have to offer (list)

• Laura’s Website at can help you with classes, tools and techniques for managing your cravings with food

• A “Free” Curiosity Call to figure out what you are struggling with

• Discovery Session – The root cause of why you fall off track and turn to food

• “We’re in a snow-globe. In this process, we’re shaking up the snow to see what’s happening.” The snow will start to settle again!

• 90-day Truce with Food introduction: The first 3 Months of the 6 month Program

• 6-month Truce with Food program

• Behind Your Cravings self-study course

6. Contact and Social Media Links



• Clubhouse: @laurafolkes