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Embodied Liberation: An Interview with Grace Willow
Episode 3716th November 2021 • The Shaman's Notebook • Suzanne LaGrande
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How can pleasure lead us to greater personal power?

In this episode of The Shaman’s Notebook, leading sexuality and embodiment coach, Grace Willow talks about the journey that led her to heal herself and then develop the tools and experiences to heal others.

In the interview Grace talks about:

  • Barely surviving a car accident where she suffered a traumatic brain injury, and a whole host of other problems that left her unable to care for her young daughter, work, or function in her daily life.
  • The energy healing that turned everything around and helped her to awaken and remember her own healing powers.
  •  The importance of pleasure in being able to heal and to thrive
  • What embodiment means
  • Holding a higher vision and helping those she works with remember their true selves

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