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Important Employee Benefits [THA 267]
Episode 26717th March 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Did you know money isn’t the main motivator for employees? How many people are willing to work 40+ hours a week in an unhappy environment while being undervalued? What benefits set your business apart from other shops in your area? And, are you reminding your team of their benefits package so they understand their value within your business?

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Eric Henley, owner of H-Teck Auto Care in Gray, TN. Listen to Eric's previous episodes HERE 

Jim Hayes, General Manager of Pacific Motor Service, CA, Listen to Jim’s previous episodes HERE

Matt Lachowitzer, Matt’s Automotive Service Center, Fargo-Moorhead, North Dakota and Minnesota. Listen to Matt's previous episodes HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Professional career development, where do I go from here and how is it laid out for me to achieve it. Are the training and tools there to allow me to grow?
  • Company sponsored events-team members want to feel good about where they work and the work they do matters for the community. Involve the family with anniversaries and birthdays etc.
  • Dividing sick and PTO- vacation days can be paid out, sick days don’t have to be paid out
  • Making adjustments for employees with existing vacations- can manipulate the salary/pay rate. Each employee will be different depending on the scenario. Be creative.
  • Benefit packages will vary depending on the employee- paycheck is a small portion of what you offer, focus on culture/environment/growth opportunities. 
  • Marketing the entire package- and discussing with the team consistently 
  • Jim’s company matches 1:1 up to 4% for 401K
  • Invisible paycheck- base salary + expenses of benefits= value of the company
  • Paid training- shows intent and value
  • Incentives- ASE, benchmark bonuses, tools
  • Bereavement/maternity- additional days that don’t involve PTO

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