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116. The Research Behind Gratitude: Why Combining Images, Affirmational Words & Music Works So Well to Calm the Mind with Frank Kilpatrick & Rayko
Episode 11614th June 2021 • The Rebel Health Coach • Thom Underwood & NOVA Media
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In a first for the podcast, we have two guests today: Rayko and Frank Kilpatrick. They’re here to talk about the healing power of music.

An “Emotional Conduit,” Rayko is a prolific songwriter and an energetic, sought-after vocalist. She composed the melodies for “Gratitude” and sang, played on, and produced all pieces as well. Her compositions often contain themes of social justice, female perspectives, and cross-cultural challenges. Born in Tokyo, Rayko also composed, arranged, and performed songs for the award-winning Amazon Prime series “The Man in the High Castle.” Her other compositions include “Reaching for the Stars” and “Behind the Sun” – co-written with, Grammy-winner, Isha Erskine – as well as the ending theme for the feature “The Wolves of Saving Hill,” featuring Kurt Fuller of “Pursuit of Happyness” and the late Michael Massee of “Spider-Man 2.” Rayko is the vocalist in the house band of Adult Swim’s popular “The Eric Andre Show,” and currently the voice of a brand new ride in Tokyo Disneyland.

Inspired by a recent trip down the Nile to “The Birthplace of Civilization,” songwriter, Frank Kilpatrick, created “Gratitude” to, “draw attention to everything we have to be thankful for.” Frank created lyrics for all songs in the “Gratitude” suite and oversaw the video and music production. He has written numerous songs in exploratory, harmonic, and romantic genres that are available for licensing. Recently, he created “Stay Alive”: a 90-minute suicide prevention video podcast. Frank frequently collaborates with Billy Hinsche, the co-founder of Dino, Desi & Billy, contributor to recordings by Elton John and Chicago, and best known for his 30+ year touring role with The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson. He also frequently works alongside Scott Paige who’s renowned for his work traveling with Pink Floyd, Toto, and Supertramp, among others.

Together they have an amazing series called “Gratitude Meditation.” We dive into meditation, gratitude, and the idea of using frequencies to soothe the human soul.



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