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Goal Setting for the New Year with Kiley Peters
Episode 7820th December 2023 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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As 2023 draws to a close, join Kiley Peters in this episode of Welcome to Eloma, where she delves into the essential practice of year-end reflection and setting goals for the future. Kiley shares the "DNA of success" framework from RAYNE IX, an innovative approach to defining and achieving personal success in alignment with business objectives. This framework, centered on purpose, energy, action, and knowledge, offers a clear path for personal and professional growth.

Kiley prompts listeners to deeply consider their motivations for starting a business, emphasizing how aligning everyday actions with long-term aspirations fuels ongoing motivation and decision-making clarity. She guides on structuring goals across varying timeframes – short, medium, and long-term – and breaks them down into manageable two-week sprints for focused and achievable progress. Emphasizing the importance of tangible goal setting, Kiley advises writing down these objectives and sharing them to foster a sense of accountability.

Kiley wraps up by inviting listeners interested in asking questions to check out her new CEO Hotline. This is an online community where Kiley will be answering questions and hosting a live Q&A. You can learn more at Also, be sure to subscribe to the Welcome to Eloma email list for ongoing learning and business-building tips!


“I firmly believe, and at RAYNE IX, this is what we practice, is that we have to define success for ourselves and then align the work that we do and the businesses that we run to our personal definition of success. Because if we jump right into running the business, It might work for a little while and that's all well and good, but if we are just focused on running the business and we don't check in with ourselves to understand why we're doing this and what we're trying to accomplish. And I mean, we're all starting a business for a reason, right? It's usually autonomy, flexibility, ownership of time, maybe to make more money, whatever it is, usually to do good in the world. But if we don't get clear on what that is upfront, at a certain point in time, we start to question what we're doing in terms of running the business and why we're spending all this time and energy doing it if we haven't set those expectations and those intentions upfront.”  (2:55 | Kiley Peters)

“So say, in a 90-day period of time, your goal is to launch a program? Well, you might break that down. So you say, okay, I'm gonna launch a program and here are all the steps that I need to accomplish in order to launch that program. So I would recommend building that out in a project management tool, et cetera. And then break those down into two-week sprints so that it becomes really bite-sized. Okay, in these two weeks, these are the four things that need to get done for this big goal, this medium goal, this small goal. And then once you get through that, great. Now, these two weeks, this is what needs to get done. So again, it just becomes really bite-sized.” (16:02 | Kiley Peters)

“We are significantly more likely to accomplish our goals if we write them down on a regular basis and we tell people them because those people can then help hold us accountable.” (20:19 | Kiley Peters) 

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