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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 15, 24th July 2020
Product Marketing Life | Devon O’Rourke, Fluvio
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Product Marketing Life | Devon O’Rourke, Fluvio

Founder and Managing Partner of Fluvio, a product marketing consultancy, Devon O’Rourke shares the fascinating story of what inspired him to make the leap from PMM at a goliath like Amazon to starting his own consultancy, his top tips for anyone considering making a similar move, plus PMM-specific insights including how he views the role of product marketing varying so much from company to company as a good thing, his views on PMMs sitting in the product or marketing orgs, where his preference lies, and heaps more good stuff. 


"I think product marketers have so many opportunities, you know, the purview is super wide. So I think anyone who's able to adapt, recognize where they can add value can take advantage of how wide that purview is. And I actually think it's a really good thing. We're not pigeon-holed into a very specific role. We're able to sort of stretch where we need to."