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Find Ease Part 1: The Most Important Planning Tool
Episode 30116th March 2022 • Plan Simple with Mia Moran • Mia Moran
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Getting healthy and becoming who I am all started with a stack of 7 coffee cups on my desk.

My life looked good: I had aspirations, an amazing husband, three kids under 5, and my dream career. But I was tired, and I wasn’t savoring my time with my kids. Everything about home started giving me anxiety — the mess, the food, getting three kids to bed. 

And one day I counted the coffee cups on my desk. Seven cups of caffeine, and I was exhausted!

That was the day I decided to feel great.


  1. Consider one 10 minute GOLD NUGGET that you could add to your day to create more balance.
  2. Trust what intuitively comes in and write it somewhere.
  3.  Later today, or right now if you have a moment, schedule that thing in your calendar.





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