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Fatherhood: Braving a New World
Episode 817th June 2023 • ParentEd • Focus on the Family Singapore
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Fatherhood can be exhilarating yet filled with so much uncertainty. How can fathers brave the new world of fatherhood ahead of them?

Join our host, Aaron Ng, who chats with Ian Tan from Our Daily Bread Ministries and father of two sons, aged 3 and 5. Ian shares his journey as a young father navigating and overcoming the unexpected challenges of raising children in an evolving world.

“I'd like to be viewed as someone who is trusted by (my sons) and they will know that for as long as I'm around, the home is a place where you have dad and mum who will always be ready to receive you home, go through different moments of your life with you, whether they're ups or whether they are downs.”


Fatherhood is a call to a brave adventure.

This Father's Day, we want to give dads a boost to keep going and growing in their unique parenting journey, with Call of Daddy: Braveheart.

From 9 to 19 June, Focus on the Family Singapore's Father's Day Campaign will feature the following free resources for dads and families:

  • Compilation of stories by dads for dads
  • Digital content for encouragement and equipping
  • Braveheart Quest - an opportunity for dads to deepen bonds with their children through meaningful activities

Find out more about the Father's Day Campaign at


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