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#061 Alan Fitzpatrick
Episode 6121st March 2023 • Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba • Scuba
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Very few techno records cross over. A ridiculously small number given the mountain of cookie cutter nonsense that gets spewed out in to the ether every week. But every now and then you get one that catches the imagination of a wider audience.

'We Do What We Want' by this week's guest was probably 2016's biggest festival tune, and Alan Fitzpatrick has been hiding from it ever since. Or at least that's the impression he gives on this week's episode - I hadn't really given what must be the quite-considerable-associated-baggage much thought, but when there's a track that big next to your name it definitely changes people's perception of you.

So we discuss all that this week, as well as the DJ circuit and the pros and cons of hitting it as hard as possible, and his extremely-good lockdown album, Machine Therapy.

We also discuss the state of contemporary techno, the legacy of Drumcode, and Alan's formative years on the south coast of England.

Alan Fitzpatrick is one of the good guys of the techno scene, and it was awesome to have him on the show.

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