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Trailer19th August 2022 • From South to North • www.elPrimo.Media
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You have heard the news. But, have you listened to their stories? have you imagined what they feel or think? Have you walked by their side?

From South to North is a new drama series that follows Pepe, an indigenous migrant from Guatemala, Clara, a teenage refugee mother from el Salvador, and Rosita, her newborn baby girl, on a dangerous journey North.

Follow them through borders, jungles, deserts, and cities. witness their confrontations with gangs, narcos, and the police; feel the oppression and discrimination they face and the help they receive along their way, trying to reach their American dream.

Explore their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, their motivations, their inner struggles, the depths of their humanity and their spirituality.

From South to North, a drama audio-series, is an invitation to empathize with the lives of migrants, refugees, and displaced people of the world.

Will you hear their stories? Will you listen to their voices?

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