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From Ghana to 16 Years of Preaching on the Streets of London, England — Interview with Gordon Codjoe
Episode 627th April 2022 • On Fire For God Today •
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Sean M. Madden, shepherd of, interviews Gordon Codjoe about his miraculous journey from coming to Christ in Ghana as a young man to being sent by God to become a dedicated street evangelist in London, England. Sean likewise gives his testimony of coming, with his wife Katharine, to Christ in faith and in truth through their own travels. Together, Sean and Gordon discuss how they've grown in true doctrine by direct engagement with the Bible — the Word of God — through the ever-present leading of the Holy Spirit.

Episode Guide

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:00 Gordon's opening words

00:03:02 We want to continue in the truth

00:05:20 Gordon's testimony, coming to Christ

00:07:20 Sincerely repented and confessed sins, but not born again

00:07:55 Many can be deceived by their sinner's prayer

00:08:45 God to take Gordon out of his country, Ghana

00:09:15 Personal encounter from the Lord Jesus Christ (wedding day)

00:11:02 Receive the power of God!

00:11:58 Another dream: lifted up into the air, above bed

00:13:34 Bus 86, from Ilford to Stratford: "Preach my Word!"

00:15:05 "For God so loved the world ..." (cf, John 3:16)

00:16:15 You must repent of your sins, kingdom of God at hand

00:16:51 Feel so fulfilled in my heart / peace

00:17:33 Begins preaching on the streets

00:19:15 The lifelong sanctification process

00:20:13 Sean's testimony: atheist 3+ decades of adult life

00:30:20 Catholic Church / Church of England not right 

00:30:45 Finally heard concise presentation of the gospel

00:33:13 "So then faith cometh by hearing ..." (cf, Romans 10:17) 

00:34:15 Conviction through the Holy Spirit of sin, evil ways

00:36:16 How powerful the Word of God is, like a hammer 

00:38:34 This fire is in me / Nobody can quench this fire

00:41:28 Love of the brethren / met them all in the streets (UK)

00:47:12 What has helped Gordon to become so doctrinally sound? 

00:49:57 I never prepare a message / the Holy Spirit leads 

00:51:48 The Holy Spirit has made Gordon on fire for God

00:52:39 The Holy Spirit is all we need

00:57:00 When we preach straight from the Bible!

00:59:40 The believer should always look to the Holy Spirit

01:03:35 Place your faith, exclusively, in Christ Jesus

01:05:50 Preaching the true gospel vs. the doctrines of men

01:07:18 God is commanding men, everywhere, to repent!

01:12:10 A word from Gordon about

01:13:18 If we love each other, disciples of Jesus

01:14:22 Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself

01:16:05 There should be an equality in Christ (cf, 2 Corinthians 8:14)

01:17:09 We're joined by two brothers in Christ from London!

01:19:20 God does a mighty work in Facebook

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