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Express Yourself Unapologetically with Josh Wiseman
Episode 2230th September 2020 • The Ultimate Shift • Ephraim Glick
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To the core of your very being, who are you? This is the question I want on our minds as we speak with today’s guest Josh Wiseman. Josh is an author, photographer, and videographer who is a master in the art of visual storytelling. He is the founder and owner of JTWiseguy Creations and author of the book Thinker: Diaries of an Emotional Man, a book we truly need in this day and age. 

I want us to get right into this episode and learn from Josh how we can make the shift to being 100%, unapologetically ourselves. Don’t be afraid to get emotional.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 03:20] Opening Segment

  • I welcome and introduce my guest, Josh Wiseman, to the show 
  • Josh gives a bit of background
  • Photographer & Videographer 
  • World traveler 
  • Moved to Nashville from Austin Texas 

[03:21 – 12:46] Making the Shift to Fulltime Photography

  • Shifting to full-time photography 
  • Josh’s relationship with his mother 
  • Growing from $500 to $20,000 jobs
  • How Josh got into shooting 
  • Shooting live music performances
  • Began taking pictures of families
  • Shooting his own fitness transforming
  • Josh talks about figuring out how to brand
  • From banding on his own to helping other’s with branding 
  • Josh: “I’m thankful and grateful for this life”

[12:47 – 16:58] The Camera Was Always There

  • Josh talks about how he adopted the entrepreneurial side of himself
  • Started in professional basketball then fell out with an injury 
  • Desire to change the quality of living 
  • Josh story about his time in music with the camera always being by

[16:59 – 27:43] Express Yourself Unapologetically

  • Josh talks about his book 
  • Being ok with your emotions
  • Unapologetic 
  • Links below
  • Josh’s experience in dating 
  • Women want someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves 
  • Society has repressed this in men
  • Adding to my partner’s vision
  • The Questions Game 
  • The ability to communicate 
  • Sometimes it led to tears
  • Shift away from fear 
  • Josh’s story about his friend’s death 
  • Never go a day without telling people what they mean to you

[27:44 – 36:29] Know Who You Are

  • Overly emotional vs. vulnerable and transparent
  • Taking a look inside yourself 
  • Josh’s advice for relationships
  • When someone good comes along it can be unfamiliar 
  • Understand that it’s ok to let your guard down a little bit 
  • You can let yourself need someone 
  • Pushing people away will leave you sad and alone
  • Josh talks about self-reflection
  • If you don’t know yourself, you don’t stand up for anything 
  • Start a relationship with emotional integrity 
  • Know who you are coming in 
  • Two damaged people can’t come together and fix each other
  • Josh shares a bit of his experience 

[36:30 – 46:45] The Power of Self-Reflection

  • Josh’s tips on self-reflection 
  • Going off-grid and letting yourself feel the emotions
  • Understanding what your needs are in every facet of your life
  • Know what you’re working towards
  • Know your Love Language 
  • Communicate it before it’s too late 
  • Staying out of toxic relationships 
  • Understand and express your needs
  • Be intentional with your actions and words 
  • If you don’t know what you want then reflect on it
  •  Journaling - get it out of your head 
  • Combatting the fear of commitment 
  • Get out of the ‘what if’ be present for ‘what is’ 

[46:46 – 55:04] Closing Segment

  • If you are put on a world stage and have 5 minutes to talk to people to remember you by what would you say? 
  • Life is met better with love than it is with resentment and hate 
  • Kindness goes a long way
  • If you could ask anyone in the world something, who and what?
  • Steve Jobs - what made you who you are without Apple 
  • What’s the Josh Wiseman secret to pushing through?
  • Making my mom proud
  • Inspiring people to chase their dreams 
  • How can people follow you, support you, and connect with you?
  • See below for social links.
  • Final words from Josh and me


Tweetable Quotes:

"The reason why you’re gonna continue to fall into these vicious cycles of, whether it’s toxicity or not knowing your own worth or value… is because you don’t know who you are and you don’t stand firm in your beliefs internally. To the core of your very being, who are you?” - Josh Wiseman

“... Don’t you ever hide who you are from the world, don’t you ever be sorry for speaking up about how you feel. The right person will come along and appreciate you for being honest with your feelings and love you unconditionally.” - Josh Wiseman (Thinker)

“If you keep thinking about the ‘what if’ you’re never going to be present for ‘what is.’” - Josh Wiseman (Thinker)

Resources Mentioned: 

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