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Pop Culture, Cancel Culture, & Counter Culture w/ Chrissy & Marie
Episode 237th December 2022 • Cast of Creators • Hvr Browser
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What happens when four podcasters sit down in the Cast of Creators studio? You get spicy conversation of the highest order! Chrissy Newton and Marie Nicola are the hosts of Alt.Pop.Repeat, a podcast that explores the underground and counter-culture/alternative pop culture scenes. 

These two 'OG's' of Canadian pop culture share their blogging origin stories with Nelson and Casie (herself an OG in the Canadian blogging scene). We hear the spicy backstory of how Marie & Casie met and how Chrissy evolved from doing PR to being a content creator. They chat about music, television, and what pushes something artistic and 'counter-cultural' into the mainstream.

This episode is also a deep dive into pop culture and what we can learn from the content we consume and the icons we look up to. It’s a discussion on how subculture shapes us and how we relate to it, too, as we try to deconstruct our past. It's UFOs, cancel culture, and what we can learn from the celebrities around us as we grow and move forward as a society. This episode provides thought-provoking insights into the culture we’re all so immersed in. 

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have kind of moved in this one direction where we are trying to really understand whether or not the way that we've been raised has been causing harm to other people."

  – Marie Nicola

In This Episode:

- How the media industry has changed in the past 14 years

- Sharing a boyfriend – 'he who shall not be named'

- True crime and other TV show genres that can't be missed

- Making something creative with all that you have on hand

- Chrissy & UFOs

- Supper vs dinner 

- Deconstructing our colonial beliefs

- Going down the rabbit hole of TikTok Live 

- Casie’s short career as a TV extra


And so much more…



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