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Creativity is a Mindset with Tim Stephenson
Episode 14026th December 2022 • Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending • Kelly Mobeck
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Did you know that creativity is a mindset and gives us direct access to so much possibility?  It’s true and I am thrilled to have musician, coach, and visualizer Tim Stephenson on the podcast today where we will be talking about all things being creative and how that supports you in “all the pulls of life”.  We had such a fun conversation and be sure you stay tuned all the way to the end as Tim has a special gift for you to help you maximise your 2023.

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Here are the highlights from this episode:

(02:28) Are you ready to be bold?

(08:04) Father first, coach & musician second

(12:53) The outcome is very important

(17:08) Music is about connecting with people

(22:03) Creating a space for open communication

(25:54) A visualization

(33:05) Get involved in a first-of-its-kind course…

As mentioned in this episode:

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Hey everyone. I'm Kelly Eck, a coach and a leadership trainer, and I'm super passionate about helping you find out who you are authentically as a leader, own it, and go out and make an impact in your life and the lives of others. This world needs your leadership, your gifts, your unique brilliance, and I believe that real leaders don't wait.

They create, I know firsthand that life is gonna throw us curve. That we're gonna doubt our greatness, our ideas, and our contributions. And my goal is that you believe in yourself beyond reason. And I get to be a coach and a champion for you each week so that you feel inspired, motivated, and most important in action toward your unique impact in this world.

ally the very last episode of:

I'm super excited about today's episode because one of my very dear friends and colleagues is here. He is amazing. And that's all I'm gonna say right now. I'm just gonna tease that. , because I wanna just ask you guys a question first. How did your holidays go? Remember the last time we talked, we did holiday kiss, which is keep the holidays super simple.

How did you guys do? What did you create? Remember to go to that link on my website that you can record something and tell me how you did any questions, what worked, what didn't work, and I'm gonna respond to you. So let me know Also, Really quick before we dive in. Oh my gosh, you guys, my guest is so awesome.

I'm so excited he's here. Okay, before we dive in, I want to let you guys know and remind you that Lyft, her is starting in January. Okay? And so, you know, if you're a woman in business or maybe you're a woman that wants to start your business or you've been taking a leap, you've been thinking about taking a.

're looking at leveling up in:

en and I wanna support you in:

So I'm so excited to end season three, like I said, with my amazing friend and colleague who is here and has such a treat for you, such a treat for you. Um, we're gonna discuss creativity and what it brings into your life and toward the end, I want y'all, my friends, to prepare your. For a very special New Year's gift from my guest.

My guest today is Tim Stevenson. What? He's here. Tim is a certified visualization coach. He's a professional musician. Oh my gosh, that's so good. By the way. Can I just add that he's an educator in the Sacramento area? Tim's purpose is to inspire through creativity and passion, and he seeks to implement that into everything he does.

s certification as a coach in:

o true. So incredibly true in:

He is a master at visualization, so brilliant and such a brilliant coach. Tim currently works with coaches to bring visualization into their coaching practices. You guys are gonna be able to go to his visualization community page for more info on that. That's gonna be in the show notes. You gotta check it out and listen to this as a musician.

He graduated in:

individuals and groups since:

And I want y'all to know Tim is so passionate about music, his family and coaching, and he says the best part of his job is that everything he does is rooted in his purpose. It is so true. I have had the pleasure. I got to meet Tim when he went through. Coach training at Camia McLaren's Transformational Coaching Essentials, and I just instantly found a connection with him.

He is such, when you meet Tim, he is so incredibly present and curious and he really, really helps people tap into their creativity, whether it's as a coach, as a musician, as a master visualizer. Master visualizer. Yeah. I feel like that's a thing. I feel like that's a thing, and he's so good. . I also, um, participate in a, as a coach, something about visualization didn't con, didn't connect in my brains.

Uh, clo closed eye processes and things like that were a little more challenging for me. And so I actually work with Tim. He is, uh, one of my teachers. He teaches me and coaches me on visualizations. And I will just say, over the past year, I, I want y'all to know, like I know how to do this. I know how to visualize not just with myself, but with my clients, and it has been a game changer.

So I'm super excited, especially since we are talking all month about creativity to bring Tim Stevenson onto the podcast. You're gonna love him, Tim. Welcome. Welcome, welcome. How are you? Hello,

Kelly. I'm great. How

are you? Yes, I'm good. I'm good. I'm so good. I am so happy you're here. So grateful you took time outta your busy schedule to come in and talk to our friends on the podcast.

Can you give us, I mean, I know I shared a lot about you, but can you give us a little more background of who you are and what you do? I

can, yeah. So I, I will start with I am a dad. I'm a father of two awesome little boys, and they are also crazy little boys, , um, because they're two and five. Yeah. And our house is very loud,

Mm-hmm. . Um, but they're, they're awesome. And I spend, um, a lot of my time with them during the week as well as doing coaching and as well as being a educator and a musician. Mm-hmm. . And so, um, yeah. And so a lot of my life. You know, surrounding, you've brought up creativity, which is a great thing because I love creativity and part of my creativity is, is being creative with my time is like, when do I want to be a father?

When do I want to go? Do you know, music And my band, Sobel, which you mentioned mm-hmm. , um, is a new project that I've been spending a lot of time on and I love and is a huge source of inspiration and creativity for me and coaching. And so, you know, all of. Is is wrapped up in this little, you know, creativity bubble, you know?

Yeah. , where am I? Where am I gonna

go today? You know? Exactly. I feel like it really helps you with flexibility in all the different roles that you, that you play, cuz it's, it's, i, it, it blows my mind at how you're able to flex to these different roles just so seamlessly. At least that's how it. From from you gotta look.

Sorry, . Yeah. That's how it looks, right? Tim's got an amazing family. His little boys are adorable. Adorable. I just, and you know, as a mama, boys, I get it right. , I get it full of energy loud and they're just amazing. I love it. What does creativity mean to you?

Hmm. For me, um, creativity is, , it's like a part of me.

You know, I, I grew up in a very musical family, and that kind of just was in itself creative. Mm-hmm. . Um, but I find that I, and I, I like that you brought up flexibility because that, to me is, is very important, um, in creativity. Being able to, whether it's like being a father and being creative with, you know, the schedule or you know, what should we do today?

Kids, and you know, if they, if they're left their own devices, they just run around and scream . And so being creative in like, you know, what we do, incorporating music into their lives and into my life, you know, being creative in, in not just the, you know, the process of writing or playing music, but like how do you incorporate that into your life or how do you use it to better your.

Mm-hmm. . Something that just came to me, cuz I'll hear this a lot from people, is I'm not creative and yet I think as human beings we. Actually are, are all creative. And so, you know, as you listen to Tim where he utilizes that as a dad or a musician and certainly as a coach, Tim, what are your thoughts? Like, have you heard that from people?

Like, no, no, no. I'm not creative.

I have, I think you said it perfectly. What popped in my head when you, when you were talking is creativity is a mindset. Mm-hmm. , it's not a thing like people, I, people often as a music teacher, people come to me or they like, oh, I used to do music, but I'm not creative. Yeah.

You know, well, that's not really, that's not a truth, you know, . Yeah. Maybe, maybe you were in a mindset that didn't work and, and maybe that instrument didn't work for you, but you can be creative in anything. .

Yes. Okay. I love Tim that you brought in creativity is a mindset. It's not a thing, right? Mm-hmm. , we all have that ability to tap into our mindset.

Our mindset is vast. It's vast, yeah. And mindset. Y'all have heard me say this on the podcast time and time again, mindset. Is everything. It's everything. You can have all the knowledge and the skill and the talent and your mindset is what's gonna really move you through it. Just like Tim said, maybe it wasn't the instrument.

Maybe it's, I remember growing up, Tim. I wanted to play the piano so bad like that is my favorite instrument. And I remember my mom was like, well, let's try the flute first. And I'm like, okay, , I can't tell you that I was great at the flute or the piccolo or the saxophone or the violin. Those were all the instruments that I tried on.

Before. Finally, I think she really got, okay, she really wants to play the piano . And then with the piano, it wasn't, I was not naturally, um, I wasn't naturally great at. Instruments. However, my desire was strong. So I would practice and practice and practice, and then really did, um, learn how to play piano in a beautiful way.

And I think if I had just stopped and said, I'm not creative. I can't do this, and didn't, and PR by the way, as a kid, I didn't really understand mindset. But it was that desire, right? It was that desire and keep going, keep going. So anyway, I, um, yeah, resonate so much with what you. .

Yeah. And I, I, the other thing that popped in my head when we were talking about that is the, um, the outcome that you have, I think it's very important, like creativity.

Okay, I wanna learn an instrument is one thing, but you could be creative on the piano and not go play like Carnegie Hall. Like there's a, there's a huge difference of like, what do I want to get out of this? Yeah. And that's something that I tell my students a lot is like, well, how do you want to be creative and what do you want out of being creative?

There's a lot of things you. Yes.

Yes. Yeah. Well, I love that. I love that you bring in, what do you want to get out of this? Because I think we can forget sometimes that we're actually in ownership. What do we want from this? It's not about being perfect, right? It's what is the gift here? What do we want out of it?

I love that. I love that. How I, I heard you talk about creativity, like as a dad. How does that help you with your partner and wife, Allie and like navigating, because now nie, hello Allie. Nie. . I know nie. I'm gonna call her that next time I see her like it, you're like, Hey, NIE. Right. Navigating an Allie in the same sentence because Allie also is, you know, has.

You guys have all heard allie's been on here? She owns a business called Baller. She's also an amazing estate planning attorney. And so you guys have very busy and full lives, right? Mm-hmm. , how does creativity, she's also a coach. I like all the things. . How do you navigate using creativity to be able to create that harmony in your household?

Yeah. Well,

yeah, going back, so going back to creativity as a mindset, I think that's for sure true in our. and coaching has definitely helped with that. Mm-hmm. , the fact that we are both coaches means we communicate really well. Mm-hmm. , um, most of the time, . Mm-hmm. when we're in that mindset. Mm-hmm. . Um, but creativity, a as a mindset means that like we, we get to be flexible in how things work.

Like we will plan something and we have, you know, a two and a five year old, so sometimes that doesn't work out. And so being creative in the way that we respond to things, or even in, in. , like imagination wise. Like if I'm creative in my imagination, well what could we do today that would accomplish the things that Allie and I want to get done?

And also to, you know, get the kids excited and have them wanna have fun, you know, being creative. I dunno that, that mindset just it to me that that's the key. Mm-hmm. , um, in all things. But I do So .

Mm-hmm. . Yeah. No, it's super clear. Super clear. Yeah.

And I don't know how to give you, I guess, specifically, I don't, I don't know.

Maybe there's an example. I

think what you said, I think what you said really nailed it. It's what do we wanna. . Like what's the outcome we want in all the busyness of our very full lives? What do we wanna create, whether it be day-to-day, whether it be as a family, where we're supporting our boys, like all of that.

How tapping into, instead of, you know, I talk about this all the time on the, on the podcast, we can either lead our life or circumstances can lead it. Mm-hmm. . And so I think. , you and Allie have really been able to figure out and tap into creativity and flexibility and know that that is a mindset and you've got access to that all the time.

To be able to really, like I said, create that harmony in your lives that I see you guys do so beautifully. It's really amazing. Yeah. Yeah.

And I think, and you saying that reminding me of like that outcome piece too is really important. Like we, we keep, usually keep very clear when it works, we keep very clear on why are we doing this?

Yes. And that partnered with the creativity and the flexibility is, that's like the secret sauce, like . Absolutely. This is how

it works, you know? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Secret sauce. Boom. Secret power, secret sauce. I love it. You heard it from Tim. So you guys heard Tim's a musician and he is amazing. I recently got to see him.

Perform with Sobel that he talked a little bit about and it was such a, such a wonderful evening. Tim, can you share with our friends what you've experienced as a musician and what creativity sparks, it's like your creativity as a musician and a songwriter, what that sparks in your audience? What do you notice?


Um, solo's a great example, uh, because. Musically for me, when I started music, what drew me to music was the ability to almost like block out the world and connect to this space where I can put out my feelings and emotions. I can, I can speak to things that I can't say in words. , and that is really powerful for me, um, as a musician.

Mm-hmm. and so, and Ari and a writer as well. Mm-hmm. . And so with my audience, uh, for specific, like, like with Solo Bell, for example, the new project that we just formed two years ago. But yes, I feel like I've been a part of my whole life. . Yes. Yeah. The way that that band connects with each other, first of all, is something I've not experienced within a group before.

And the way that, that music, all of us, when we get together, we allow, you know, things to come out musically. That we're like emotions we're trying to convey or, you know, connection with the audience. What we want to tell about the world or ourselves is really. For some reason. Um, and I think a big part of that is connection.

Mm-hmm. with this, with this group, and are want to communicate that connection with our audience. Mm-hmm. . Um, and I have heard that also, uh, my, our newest single is just released. Begin again. That's on all streaming platforms. If you wanna go check it out. Yeah. So good. Thank you. Yeah. And I wrote that, um, with, with the whole van, but primarily me and, um, Hannah, Jen and Kyle.

We wrote that. Beautiful and thank you. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , and that, that one for me started as, as just a feeling like it wasn't, I'm not gonna write a song about, you know, rebirth or beginning or connection, but it just came out and the lyrics kind of just flowed and was like, that's, that's the emotion I want out in the world.

Like Connect, you know, this idea of. Of connection with others of, you know, the cycle of life of, you know, big, big things that are hard to put into words. But that music really, I think does well conveying that. So that's what I try to communicate with that song.

Yes. It's so good. You guys. We'll put, we'll make sure to put that in the, um, show description too, so that you can go straight to it.

Um, because it's, it really we, um, I got to see them perform it and it really does. Move and inspire you, and you feel that connection in, in, in the, in the song. And I think that it's, so I love what you're saying, Tim. It starts with a feeling and what is that? emotion that I want to convey with my audience.

And, and I think when it starts with the feeling and you're coming from that place of connecting, I think that can really open up creativity, right? Mm-hmm. , it can really, really open that up and through that. And like with your work with Sobel, how you're so connected. , I imagine that that connection opens up even more creativity and being really clear.

Like, what do we want them to feel? And truly, um, you guys do it so well, so well, I remember there was one of the songs and it was like, just no . It's going to, you're probably gonna cry, but not like a, not like, Sad cry, but like this really kind of moved cry. Inspired to move, cry. It was true. It was so true.

It was cause tears were rolling down. So it's just, it's such a gift. It's such a gift that you have, that you share with the world. And I'm always just blown away with how musicians can, you know, tap into that creativity, tap into their feeling, and really understand what do I want people to feel and boom, just nail it.

It's amazing. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, and

I think that that connection. Like, I'm putting this emotion out there, but whatever you take from it is what, what you need, you know? Yes. Or what you want to get out of it. Yes. And so, and that, that communication is, is really what, what, why I do music .

Yes. Absolutely.

Absolutely. So amazing. It, and you know, and that's an interesting segue because Tim, you are also such a brilliant coach and, and also we're gonna talk about, you know, I call him a master visualizer because Tim has. Honed that craft is, I, if you call it a craft, I feel like it's a gift. I suppose , it's a gift.

I don't know. You're so, it just like, it's so. It comes so beautifully to you. Um, and I know I myself, personally, have learned so much from you on, it's kinda like what you just said with music. Like, I might understand this is an emotion that I want to convey, but you are gonna take what you take from it and you're gonna make it your own.

Which I think is also what I've learned from you when it comes to visualization, that there really is no. Right or wrong way. It's what you take from it. So I am curious for you, where do you help others as a coach and a master visualizer harnessing their creativity and not only just harnessing their creativity, but also helping them work through any limitations that they might have.

Where do you do that? Through your visualizing with them?

It, yeah. It's, I mean, it starts in the same place. Mm-hmm. , I guess there's. , you know, creativity, connection, vi visualization space, right? Mm-hmm. . And so as a you. Coach who takes people through visualizations, I mm-hmm. , my goal is to more, more than a goal, my intention mm-hmm.

is to, um, like create that space so that we can communicate that way. So there, there's this, you know, open opening of communication and it's all that stuff that we're talking about. Right. So mm-hmm. connecting with someone on a deeper level. Um, and so through, you know, with clients or with, you know, just people that I'm working with, , I think one, yeah, creating that space for them is important and allowing someone to come into this, you know, closed eye place where they can connect deeply with themselves, which is kind of weird for some people, honestly.

Mm-hmm. , a lot of people that I do this with are like, wait, what? What I have to do? I have never heard of visualization, so. Yeah. Um, so the way that I, that's, I guess it's coming to me now, but the, a way to explain that is you, you're, Trying to push away all the things that you know, the clutter of your mind, the distractions that we have in life, and just to push those away so you can connect with yourself.

You know, actually think on a deep level because you have answers in there that, that you might not be able to access. So, so working with people creatively, access to access their own emotions, to access, you know, the solutions that they already have is, is what I do through visual visualizations,

you know, those Yeah, it's, it's incredible.

It's incredible. As someone who can. Get distracted or, you know, sometimes I'll have a tendency to think, am I doing this right? Am I doing this right? Right. Mm-hmm. , which in, in itself is a distraction. You have this way of being with, with all of us in, in really being able to remove that and trust that whatever is in the space, whatever's happening is relevant.

And you tapped on something. So important, and you and I both know as coaches and, and, and I've said this before here, is that we really have our own answers. We, we really do. And what sometimes we're missing is that access to our answers. And that's why coaching is such a beautiful gift because coaches have a way of helping you tap into those answers through asking lots of questions, not all at once, but you know, questions that draw that out.

and what Tim does through visualization is also helps, helps you access your answers, really at that subconscious level that you're like, Ooh, whoa, I didn't even know that was there. Holy moly. Like you can literally ask yourself a question and then there's the answer. It's, it's quite incredible. Quite incredible, and you do that so beautifully.

s is the very last episode in:

Please do not do the visualization in the car. Please feel free to listen in, but come back to it later and then you can follow Tim's instructions and really have this be super impactful for you. Um, if you're out walking and listening or on the treadmill and listening, cuz I know a lot of you all do that same thing.

You can focus in on what you're, what you're currently up to, but please come back and listen when you can really, you know, tap into that. So I just wanted to, to put that out there. And, and Tim from here, I am going to literally turn this over to you and I am super excited. Super excited. All right.

Thank you.

Yeah. And I just wanna add on before I start, add on to that a lot of people, like Kelly said, sometimes get in their head about visualizing, well, I'm not doing this right, I'm not doing this right. Or, um, yeah, if you're not closing your eyes, you can still get stuff out of it. Um, it is a deeper experience when you do close your eyes.

But if you're in the car or you're on your treadmill, uh, feel free to, you know, imagine, use your creativity and imagine, get that mindset going so you can practice that. And whatever you get out of this is what you are meant to get out. You cannot mess it up, . So, all right. So, um, I'm gonna invite you friends to close your eyes, um, or look down if you're driving.

Just have a soft gaze that'll keep you safe. And take a deep breath, breathing in and letting go. And as you continue to breathe in and out, start to focus in on your breath. The feeling of your lungs expanding, the feeling of letting the air go, and every time that you breathe in, just notice that you can start to let the distractions around you go.

we enter this end of the year:

So for now, just the feeling of breathing in and breathing out is all you need to focus on. So as you go through this process, notice that you're starting to feel more relaxed. as you breathe in and breathe out, notice you can find this space of calm, this space of groundedness, the space of safety, because it's in this space where you are just here for yourself and it's in this space that you can create.

s we look into next year into:

se moments going forward into:

and really focusing on that creative element, that mindset of being creative, of putting that into your life in all aspects of your life.

agine that going forward into:

at you can take with you into:

It's your next year before we come back. I want you to squeeze your right hand and really feel that, really breathe into that feeling of you can do this, you can do anything you put your mind to. You are creative and you're powerful, and it's breathe in together. One last breath. Feeling that emotion and feeling that power.

Know that you can come back to this space anytime you. Simply by closing your eyes, checking in with your breath and squeezing your hand, you can be here because you've created this space today. This is you. So as you think forward into your next year, feel free to bring some of that back with you, those images, the feelings, the sounds, whatever you experienced today.

So as you come back slowly, you might feel your toes, your fingers. You might start to feel your body in your room, in your car, wherever you are right now, feeling your breath.

And when you're ready, you can open your eyes and come back.

xcited. I am so excited about:

What are you gonna bring into:

What a gift. What a gift. I'm so grateful. Absolutely. Tim, I would love with you to share. I would love with you. See, I'm still in, I'm still in my experience, . It's

a little foggy sometimes when you come outta that.

It's true. It's true. Um, so can you share with our friends some different ways that people can work with you?

And by the way, I'm gonna put this all in the show notes too. Um, yeah. And also on my website, but can you.

Yes, I can. So I actually have a current course online that's, I think, the first of its kind. I haven't seen it anywhere, which is why I built it. Mm-hmm. , um, that's a intro to visualizing mm-hmm. . So if you are new, or even if you're not, if you just wanna practice mm-hmm.

and go through a. Pace, you know, at your own pace. Course I have that online on my website. Um, if you go to inspire to, um, that's the main course website and it's, it's literally just taking you through how to create this space like we just went to, but how to practice going to that space every single time so that, you know, like, oh, I wanna visualize, I'm, I'm going to this space every time where I can be creative, I can connect to that, you know, subconscious level.

Um, and I. , you know, create feelings, create emotions that I want, like tools, like I can create tools here where I can take that into my life and change it, um, and act the way I want to. So that course is online. And, um, let's see. Did I get details for you? ? We can put 'em said

mostly. Yeah, we can. Oh, you're gonna put 'em in the show notes?

We, yeah, we'll put it all there too. Yeah. And also on my website. Okay,

great. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . So all the details are there. Um, if you have any questions and you wanna reach, reach out to me. I think that contact info will also be online. My, my. Oh, sorry, on the, on the podcast notes. Yep. And so that's, that's one I'm really excited about that one.

Mm-hmm. , the other one. If you are a certified coach, if you've gone through a training program and you are interested in using visualization with your clients, or you just want a deeper knowledge of, you know, what that might do for you as a coach. Um, I run a small group, which Kelly is currently in one of them.


Yes. So good. So good.

Thank you. Yeah, it's called the v i p Coaches group. Mm-hmm. . And, um, we meet monthly, so it's a low time commitment, but it really is focused on like, how do you. , how do you first of all, connect with this space so that you can give that to others so you can mm-hmm. use this tool with others?

Um, and I've gotten great feedback about the, my favorite part is the feedback I get from my clients in this group who are like, oh, my, I would use this with a client. And I've never done that before. And it was so powerful. Yes. And just hearing those stories is, you know, fills me up and it inspires me.

So, yes.

It's, that's so great. . Yeah. I, I love it so much. Thank you. I'm so glad you brought that up, Tim.

Of course. And, uh, let's see. I think that's it. Oh, Sobel we have, yes, we have some stuff going on. So there, there's the, um, single I mentioned beginning again, which you can find. Mm-hmm. . We're also releasing another single this year before the end of the year.

And our full album is coming out in the early spring and we'll do a full release show and all that stuff so you can find us online. Um, sobe music dot. And yeah, I think that's

all. Awesome. Oh my goodness, Tim, so great. So great. Again, I will put everything in the show notes so you can stay with, so you can stay connected with Tim, with Sobel.

Um, I highly recommend Tim's course. It is incredible. Um, and, and like Tim said, that's for anybody who really wants to start incorporating that into your life. It's very powerful. And also for any of you trained coaches out there, come, come join us in the v i P coaching group. It's incredible, incredible the growth and the connection is, Over the top.

Over the top. So Tim, I cannot un and did I say Sobel? You let, you wanna be inspired every day. Listen, listen to their music, . It's, it's phenomenal. Phenomenal. Tim, I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your day. To be here and really share your gifts with our friends on, let's be honest, before we start pretending you are amazing.

n that will help us move into:

you. Thank you. You're welcome. Yeah, this is fulfilling. So fulfilling to me.

So I was also looking forward to this, so thank you so much for having

me, hon. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Alright. Right, you guys, you heard it from Tim. You know, put this one on repeat. Listen to it as much as you can because we all have. Creativity. And as Tim shared, it is a mindset and you know, secret sauce superpower, you can tap into it at any second.

Remember, we have a choice to lead our life or follow our circumstances, and life really is about knowing our passions, our purpose, our values, and tapping into. Our unique creativity because we all have it, and that helps us create an impact in our life and the lives of others. And you know, I say this all the time.

y they want. We are finishing:

As Tim said, it's not always gonna look the way we think it's supposed to. So remember that trust that more always gets revealed as we move forward. So take those pauses, let go of worry, let go of doubt and live fully the best version of you. Thank you for listening today. I know you guys probably love Tim as much as I do.

ek ahead. Have a great end of:

Take the lead and create a fantastic one. Okay, you guys, happy New Year. I will see you in January for season. Four. Happy New Year. Take care everyone. Thanks for listening to another episode of, let's Be Honest, before we start pretending for more resources on taking the lead in your life, head over to kelly j and connect with me on Instagram at Coach Kelly Mobic.

If this episode was helpful for. Please feel free to share it with friends. Rate and review it on iTunes. That's Apple Podcast now, and at any time feel free to connect with me and let me know what you want to hear next or what you're working on. I'm happy to help. Thanks again for listening, and here's to you taking the lead in your life.