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Enterprise NOW! - Elzie D. Flenard III 2nd October 2020
Ep 183: Be the Guide with David Saltzman
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Ep 183: Be the Guide with David Saltzman

On this episode Elzie talks to David Saltzman, a Director of Marketing for Borislow Insurance, and Captivated Health. David is also a fellow podcast host of weekly “ShiftShapers” podcast showcasing insurance industry leaders transforming their business models. Elzie and David talk about marketing, mindset, sales, as well as difficult life experiences and how they shape you. Enjoy!

Key points

04:30 - Some great learning experiences can be painful at the time

09:25 - Focus on things that make you happy

12:40 - Inspiration can be triggered by outside things, but it comes from inside

14:40 - When God Winks, by Squire D Rushnell - a book about seemingly random events which are actually signposts that can help you successfully navigate your career, relationship and interests. Learn how to recognize those.

15:15 - We’re all engaged in selling in one way or another. A key to our communication and successful sale is to see our customer and their business as the most important thing. Subscribe to David’s podcast The ShiftShapers Podcast.

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