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How to Share the Good News in Someone’s Heart Language, with Darrel Templeton of Megavoice – EM265
Episode 2657th August 2019 • Engaging Missions • Bryan Entzminger
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You know the Bible is critical for discipleship. But what do you do for those who can't read? Darrell Templeton of Megavoice shares how they make the Bible available for illiterate cultures worldwide. -

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Darrel Templeton of Megavoice

For the past few months, Megavoice has been supporting Engaging Missions. Now we get to hear from Darrel Templeton about his work with Megavoice. Having worked with radio and mass communication, Darrel is passionate about making the Bible accessible to people through audio. By recording the Bible in different languages, Megavoice can bring the Gospel to people all over the world.

Recently, Megavoice has been working on a video Bible for the deaf community in different sign languages. They also have over 43 languages lined up to record soon. In the episode, Darrel shares about the need for hearing the Scriptures in order to understand them better.

When they actually hear the Bible in their mother tongue, or heart language, it doesn’t have to go through the brain. It goes straight to their heart, straight to their spirit, and they can understand that in a deeper way.
Darrel Templeton
  • 00:24 - Episode Intro
  • 01:33 - Love Never Fails International
  • 02:52 - Introducing Darrel Templeton
  • 03:37 - Reaching the Deaf community
  • 07:05 - How does the solar powered Bible work?
  • 10:58 - A small team spreading the Scriptures
  • 16:43 - How to partner in Megavoice
  • 18:20 - The domino effect of the Gospel
  • 23:55 - How do Bibles get to where they’re going?
  • 27:26 - Why an app doesn’t work as well
  • 29:56 - Avoiding distractions and devices
  • 31:47 - Access is the first step, then discipleship
  • 32:21 - How can people partner with you?
  • 37:16 - What Megavoice Bibles do you recommend?
  • 41:05 - Did Bryan get a Megavoice Audio Bible?

Bryan Thompson

This week, we also have a special guest, Bryan Thompson, returning to update us about Simply the Story and his life. Hear about what God has been doing over the last year through Bryan and his wife as they travel the world as nomads for Jesus.

  • 42:03 - Introducing Bryan Thompson
  • 42:21 - What’s been happening in the last year?
  • 45:10 - Travelling together around the world
  • 46:13 - New opportunities for ministry
  • 47:41 - Moments of God’s provision
  • 49:46 - The need for storytelling
  • 51:47 - New projects and investments
  • 54:12 - Best place to connect
  • 54:29 -
  • 55:19 - Episode Summary

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