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Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools - Mark Taylor 8th March 2021
191: Connecting people
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191: Connecting people

This solo episode with Mark Taylor is a catch up about what is going on within Education on Fire.

We have some shoutouts to listeners who have got in touch and give details of the free resources available at EducationOnFire.com

If you would like to support the Education on Fire GoFundMe campaign to create a valuable resource for our children based on the wisdom of our inspiring guests please click below.


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Xientifica SOS, written by Daniel Phelps, is a unique children’s adventure for young people aged 8-12–adult. It’s ‘Where science meets adventure’. It’s not a science book, it is a children’s adventure novel which has science in it.’ 

Five pupils (each with particular gifts) are thrust into a fight for survival and exploration that opens up the beauty and wonder of nature, science and the universe.

Xientifica SOS inspires children to look at the world with fresh eyes and curious minds. Riddled with riddles and poetry! It uses the Power of Narrative to help understand concepts deeply and remember facts. 

Children learn best whenever they are interested in something and enjoying themselves. This book does just that. It offers a new creative vehicle, to add to the Teaching and Learning toolbox and creates a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment – perfect at any time - but especially now.

Xientifica SOS provides a perfect platform for discussions and encourages children to ask questions, so is not only ideal for lone-reading or as a class book, but perfect for home schooling too.

Xientifica SOS can be bought on Amazon and is available on Kindle or in paperback 

Go to Amazon - or to find out more (and listen to extracts from the book) - go to Xientifica.com (with an X)...X I E N T I F I C

Homepage: https://xientifica.com/

Twitter @xientifica