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Karim Nagi (Diplomacy and Disruption)
Episode 2020th September 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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At the turn of the millennium, I learned to mix sound for an Arabic music series at a famous folk club in Massachusetts. Every month was a musical challenge; every month a personal reward. And then, in the middle of our work together, 9/11 changed everything. Joining me on this episode is the remarkable Karim Nagi — one of the great culture bearers; a masterful musician — who created and shaped that series. We talk about the post-9/11 world, his vast array of musical projects, being an ally in antagonistic times, and the future of hope for pluralists and multiculturalists in 2022.

Clips in this episode:

  1. Alla al-Balad al Mahbub (Sharq Arabic Ensemble, 'Arabesque Mondays: Collection 1' - c.2000)
  2. Bin al-Balad (Sharq Arabic Ensemble, 'Arabesque Mondays: Collection 1' - c.2000)
  3. Saidi ya Dallaa (Sharq Arabic Ensemble, 'Arabesque Mondays: Collection 1' - c.2000)
  4. Karim Nagi (TedX, 'The Tambourine: My Partner in Diplomacy and Disruption' - 2020)
  5. Istihlal Huzam (Karim Nagi, 'Huzam' - 2022)
  6. Longa Riad (Karim Nagi with Abdul-Wahhab Kayyali, 'Arab Pan Eastern Music Live' - 2004)
  7. Munyati (The Arab Blues, Live - 2021)
  8. Baladi TukTuk (Karim Nagi, 'Detour Guide' - 2015)
  9. Arabiqa (Karim Nagi - 2019)
  10. Dulab Huzam (Karim Nagi, 'Huzam' - 2022)
  11. Future Folklore: Zaman Zaman (Karim Nagi, 'Future Folklore' - 2022)
  12. Alive & Diverse (Karim Nagi, Live - 2018)



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