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#45 The Catherine B. Roy Show ft Aleksandra Borovic
Episode 4510th February 2022 • The Catherine B. Roy Show • Catherine B. Roy
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Bring Out Your Inner Genius

Aleksandra Borovic has two careers: one official, mostly in program and project management, the other is a volunteer career in High IQ Society Mensa. She went all the way through from being an active volunteer in organizing testing sessions, excursions, presentations etc, to the elected Chairwoman of Mensa Serbia, member of the Board of Directors of Mensa International, and member of the Gifted youth committee of Mensa International. In the last couple of years she has joined both careers in the efforts to improve the system of education, through writing project proposals and managing projects in the education field, and through organizing international scientific conferences aimed to raise awareness of the needs of gifted individuals.


  1. Career choices and transformation of a successful woman in her mid-40s
  2. If we get another chance and travel back in time, would we do something differently 
  3. How does society affect our career choices
  4. Important lessons learned from experiences
  5. Everything happens for a reason. Every situation is a blessing 
  6. How does it feel to work with so many gifted people 
  7. Do gifted people often struggle in their environment 
  8. It’s really important to be open and accept differences 
  9. Bad feelings stay in us. We need to accept everything with Love and let go of what’s creating bad feelings 
  10. The benefit of society is the greatest motivation


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