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3·14 We're Closed, Ya Thoddoes ⠀ (Daedalus Demands: Infinite Possibilities, Part 1)
Episode 1412th April 2022 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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Farscape 3·14: Daedalus Demands: Infinite Possibilities, Part 1

An unknown race has developed wormhole technology using John's data, and the Ancient isn't happy...

“An old friend with dire warnings.

An old acquaintance with catastrophic tech.

An old evil with a dangerous alliance.

An old internal struggle with lethal stakes.

There's nothing new under Dam-Ba-Da's sun.” (thanks Jenna!)

“Grand Adventure tales leading too…” (thanks The Derp Prime!)

“Black shirt John meets back up with Jack, and is told that there is someone using a copy of Farscape One to try and traverse wormholes. So Talyn and crew heads to Furlow's. While there, they must decide how to deal with those trying to steal the technology from Furlow.” (thanks Billy Roberts!)

“Daedalus Demands has everything: epic action (both of the pewpew and va-va-voom variety), a Godlike alien, a familiar mechanic, a pint sized gunner, bountiful brand new bonafide baddies, and an amusement park! What goes around comes around in this Spicey romp through the desert! Oh the places Crichton's lips will go!” (thanks MatthewB!)

“Welcome to Furlow's repair and module shop where we can fix anything for a price, except for food cubes. If you have something that needs a fixing we can do it or better yet come on in to trade it in for something better. Hot off the shop room racks a new module with a super experimental Wormhole Drive. This baby is so hot both the Scarrans and Peacekeepers want it. Come get it before it gets shoot up, blown up, or better yet sold! Come on down and with each module, I only got the one, I'll throw in a pair of sun goggles.” (thanks Blackrain !)

“Mind reading aliens return as does someone with lots of mottos who's excited for the return of her favourite flyboy and the half blind lead the blind.” (thanks Lucy !)

“Wormholes, Harvey and Johnny boy - it's the return of the greatest love triangle, who will wine and dine, and win this rollercoaster of a ride? Or will they just run home crying to Daddy?” (thanks Vicster!)

“Nothing like working on the car with your dad under the hot summer sun! Capitalism threatens to kill everybody, three people have to make do with one working eye, and Rygel makes a bid for "scariest person (by weight) on Talyn."” (thanks Horseburd!)

First aired on Friday, 27 July 2001, written by Carleton Eastlake, and directed by Peter Andrikidis

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