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Michael Riehle: Get a second opinion, dammit!
Episode 4324th August 2021 • Man Up to Cancer • Man Up to Cancer
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A second opinion saved Michael Riehle's life. It just might save yours, too.

I'm excited to spend time on the podcast today with Michael, who has become a beloved member and one of the administrators for the Man Up to Cancer - Howling Place Facebook group.

Michael, 32, is from Buffalo, NY (technically South Wales). He has been fighting stage 4 colorectal cancer since June of 2020. At first he was told that his cancer was inoperable and incurable. Not satisfied with that prediction, Michael and his wife Sara took the bull by the horns. They learned everything they could about Michael's disease, and they connected with a team at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. In less than a year, Michael has had multiple surgeries, along with strategic chemotherapy, to rid his body of cancer.

Michael shares a powerful story of self-advocacy, and the power of second opinions for cancer patients.


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