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Episode 116th September 2022 • The Todd Hartley Show • Todd Hartley
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Welcome to first episode of the Todd Hartley show.

This podcast, which I will dub the "ToddCast" has been in production for a very long time. Started out as a little bit of a seed during my first podcast -Video Marketing Mastery, you see, I did video marketing mastery podcast for 500 episodes and on the 500th episode, I just, mike dropped and handed it off to my team. We've been planning what the next iteration of my podcasts are gonna look like and because I've been stepping out onto the biggest stages in the world and helping get businesses and also individuals to the next level, I decided to create a podcast based on what I already do on a daily basis. How I get myself to the next level. On this show, you're gonna start to see that I'm gonna be bringing to you billion dollar entrepreneurs, people that have done the amazing. You're gonna have physicians, like the world's leaders in the fight against cancer that are gonna talk about what they do to stay on the cutting edge.

Everything we're gonna talk about is gonna be about breakthroughs and setbacks and the secrets for staying on the cutting edge. What I want you to get from this is what I've been doing my entire life. I have been studying successful people since the very beginning. Looking at what they do, and then lifting up what they do as like a translucent blueprint, and then trying to apply it into my own life. So I can mentor and follow after them and that is my hope from you.

As you're listening to this show, always be thinking, what can you learn from them? And how can you use their strategies and tactics to help impact your goals and opportunities?

Well, if that makes sense, this episode is gonna be about you getting to know me, me being candid and revealing. So who better for me to interact with then the person who knows me better than anybody in the world. On this episode, I'm joined by the love of my life, Wendy Hartley.

Enjoy! Let me know what you thought of my first episode!

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