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How to Buy a Rent Roll and the Important Steps to Take
Episode 156th July 2022 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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Put your hand up if property growth is at the top of your goal this week, month, or year. There’s a really quick way to get those new managements across the line. It’s by buying a rent-roll. Of course, that comes with a cost. But the long-term reward may very well exceed the short-term expense. Buying a rent roll could be just the answer to all your growth problems. But what exactly is a rent roll, how do you buy one, and what are the important steps to take? I personally have never purchased a rent-roll. I’ve sold off pockets of my own rent roll, though, but all of my growth has been targeted and organic. So I invited an expert to share her mastery of this topic. 

Tarsi Hynes is the Director of Opulence Consultancy, specializing in Real Estate and Management Rights Industry Business Valuations, Rent Roll Due Diligence, and Consultancy. By owning and operating her own real estate agency, she understands the concerns and trials that Real Estate professionals go through and can converse with principals and their employees and other professionals such as banks, solicitors, business brokers, and insolvency practitioners.

“If you do one thing consistently at any given time,  you’ll get through everything.”

- Tarsi Hynes

In This Episode:

- Meet Tarsi Hynes, Director of Opulence Consultancy

- Why would someone want to buy a rent roll?

- Red flags you should look out for when considering buying a rent roll

- What are the important steps to take in buying a rent roll?

- Is there a right way to buy a rent roll? Should you work with a broker or approach business owners directly?

- The benefits of buying a rent roll vs. targeted and organic growth

- Book recommendation: The ONE Thing by Gary W. Keller

- Are you interested in knowing more about the TARSI Way?

- Learn more  about the products and services offered by Opulence Consultancy


- The Property Management Growth School

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