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7 Steps to Developing Millionaire Thinking
Episode 715th April 2022 • The Millionaire Road • Dr. Doug Firebaugh
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How does Development begin?


  1. You were born into the Wealth Environment and it comes natural.
  2. You must develop it over time.

The 7 Steps of Developing Millionaire Thinking:

a. DECISION. Millionaire Thinking is a Decided action and embracing a philosophy of business and life that only the wealthy do.

b. IMAGINE. Seeing and Imagining what you life could be like living with wealth and money. Imagining how that could happen.

c. CONNECTION. You start emotionally connecting to this way of thinking and it makes sense and something clicks on the inside of you that this is your new destiny and a new energy surges through your mind and spirit.

d. DESIRING. You start Wanting it, Desiring it, Hungering for it, and then eventually become Desperate for living the life of Wealth.

e. STUDYING. Your curiosity grows and you start learning about Wealth and studying others that have come before you and are extremely successful. Listen to podcasts, watch videos,, read books, take courses, and more.

f. GROWING. As you start to learn you start growing you and your thinking. Your belief and thinking starts growing and Millionaire Thinking becomes more and more a natural way to think.

g. BECOMING. You have started becoming a Millionaire Thinker and on your way if not already there, to being a full fledged, transformed, super focused success and wealth thinker that believes, expects and knows you are going to be rich with money and means that most only dream of. And you are here to serve people with your new level of thinking and help them do the same thing.



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