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Passing the Naughty Monkey Back with Dr Amit Sharma
Episode 652nd February 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Dr Amit Sharma joins to discuss the effects of taking on too many of other people’s burdens and how you can prevent them from weighing you down.

Episode Highlights

[05:28] What Is A Naughty Monkey?

  • Naughty monkeys are burdens that clients carry.
  • These burdens sometimes stay and weigh down on professionals like doctors and lawyers.

[08:58] What Happens If You Don’t Give The Naughty Monkeys Back?

  • We become drained and burdened.
  • We end up developing a cycle wherein patients unburden their issues, and they weigh us down.

[10:59] What Really Burdens Us

  • We are burdened by ownership and responsibilities.
  • Our client’s naughty monkeys are not for us to own or take away.
  • Stay professional and set a boundary.

[18:16] What Do We Do When We Fear Complaints?

  • Complaints may lead to us overly taking responsibility because we want to please and be liked.

[22:23] How to Take Off the Role of the Rescuer

  • If we can’t give the victim a solution for their problem, we are put into the persecutor role and receive complaints.
  • Understanding the consultation and dynamics at play help us unpack and change the way we consult. 

[24:36] How to Spot If You Are in a Rescuer Role

  • Signs of being a rescuer include struggling with managing your workload and personal dissatisfaction with work.

[29:59] The Cost of Saying Yes to Everything

  • Patients are not empowered to manage their health.
  • It can cost you your colleagues, other clinicians and your patients.

[34:16] The Superhero Complex

  • The hero complex is using prescriptions to solve people’s problems.
  • Medication creates dependency. 

[40:59] How To Hand Back Naughty Monkeys

  • Understand the actual issues during the consultation.
  • Make it clear that you and the patient are in a partnership.
  • Seek the perspective of someone outside work or with a different personality.
  • Seek other avenues of support

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