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Political Vaccination, Royal Abuse, & Canadians Are Racist
Episode 2628th January 2021 • New Left Radio • New Left Media
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With no vaccine arriving in Canada this week and the rollout unequal across the country, it will be over three years to vaccinate all Canadians at the current pace. It is within the federal governments power to invoke the Emergencies Act and implement a national strategy, so why haven’t they?

Governor General Julie Payette has resigned after abusing working Canadians in her employ and creating a culture of toxicity. How was this her history of abuse overlooked? This whole scandal begs the question, do we really want or need the crown?

Canadian white supremacy and hate aren’t hidden in the shadows, they are well out in the open. A report this week by Vice Canada shows just how openly racist, hateful, and Islamophobic we are. Fighting back against hate in our society starts with us.