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Best way to approach challenges, power of big data and effective methods to navigate through disruption as a leader
Episode 2617th October 2020 • Success Inspired • Vit Müller
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My guest today is an ex helicopter and airline pilot turned military staff officer and eventually a management consultant. He has worked with senior leaders across industries helping them tackle tough problems. 

He is a Director of Growth at 3GIMBALS, a services firm supporting the intelligence community, defence and space industry. In the past he has liaised to the White House Drug Policy office.


  • (00:00:14) - My guest today - introduction
  • (00:04:24) - Learning from failures & mistakes
  • (00:06:09) - What compelled Travis to become a pilot
  • (00:10:33) - The best way to approach challenges and effective learning frameworks or systems
  • (00:15:38) - Analysing big data for better business decisions and to uncover new opportunities.
  • (00:20:44) - Effective method for a leader out there to navigate through the disruption with the most minimum chaos.
  • (00:29:48) - About the Book 'Making new mistakes'
  • (00:39:04) - Sometime you just have to give them some of that tough love.
  • (00:41:50) - The Kodak story of failed opportunity to innovate
  • (00:49:30) - Travis work & his past working for The White House
  • (00:52:50) - How does Travis keep fit and how he was able to lose 20 pounds during pandemic
  • (00:59:50) - How to get in touch with Travis and wrap up

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