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63. Augmentation Investigation
2nd February 2024 • The Storyteller Squad • The Storyteller Squad
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The members of Rogue Team bring Ariel Valentine into Eastey Agency Holding for questioning. Our heroes are in a race against time to unravel the sinister plots of the Artifice Witch before she figures out how to harness the power of the stolen Philosopher’s stone. Meanwhile, Hugo and Dr. Kabe have troubles of their own, as Folk Crime Lord, Drake Fowler, attempts to manipulate and intimidate the Portland community.  

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“Me and My Kite” by Bonnie Grace

“Magnificent Perfection” by David Celeste

“Melancholic Reflection” by Magnus Ludvigsson

“Colorful Animation” by David Celeste

“Reputation (Instrumental Version)” by Lvly

“Ceres” by Lennon Hutton

“Weapon of Choice” by Fabien Tell

“The Storage” by Lennon Hutton

“Seekers and Finders” by Experia

“Probable Cause” by Experia

“Haumea” by Lennon Hutton

“Private Firm” by Dream Cave

“In Disguise” by Jon Bjōrk

“Prison Cell” by Jon Bjōrk

“Night Facade” by Jon Bjōrk

“Decision Through Vision” by Max Anson

“Something Peculiar” by Dream Cave

“Patapsco River” by Bonnie Grace

“Secrets and Lies” by David Celeste

“Mystery Palace” by Spectacles Wallet and Watch

“Sphinx” by David Celeste

“What We Fear” by Christian Andersen

“Trailing” by Christian Andersen

“The Whispered Warrior” by Jolene Khor

“In Continuum” by Dream Cave

“The Night Attack” by Bonnie Grace

“One Last Battle” by Edgar Hopp

“We Still Have Courage” by Bonnie Grace

“Layers of Truth” by August Wilhelmsson

“A Man With No Name” by August Wilhelmsson

“Triumph Hill” by Bonnie Grace

“Decisions Must be Made” by Jon Bjōrk

“At Midnight” by Rupert Sachs

“Supposing” by Infinity Ripple

“Autumn Falls Theme” by Radovan Jekic

“Snuggles” by Timothy Infinite

“Space Foliage” by Auxjack

“Trouble Sleeping” by baegel

“Starlings” by August Wilhelmsson

“The Final Cut” by Hampus Naeselius

“Fractal Patterns” by Bonnie Grace

“A Monsters Feeling” by Hampus Naeselius

“Please Hear Me Out” by Philip Ayers

Music Tracks and SFX courtesy of: Epidemic Sound (, Monument Studios, and Dark Fantasy Studios

Tracks by Alexander Nakarada ( 

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License