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Episode 100: Chris and Jen Oliver, The 100th Episode
Episode 10017th March 2020 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Chris and Jen Oliver, The 100th Episode

Guest: Jen Oliver, Founder and CEO of FitMama

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, founder and creative director behind the Basketball Podcast and Basketball Immersion, Chris Oliver, is joined by his wife Jen to discuss lessons from the podcast, relationships, heart math, emotional fitness, feedback and so much more.

Thank you to all the supporters who have listened, shared and given the podcast a shout out over the first 100 episodes.

Jen Oliver was a 5-year basketball player at Queen's University, and is the author of the international bestselling book, The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood, and is the creator and host of the FitMama Podcast (The Work IN to your Workout). As a Core Transformation Coach, Podcaster and Speaker, Jen inspires, educates and motivates Moms around the globe to begin all things with self-love.

Through awareness of safe core fitness, self-care and mindfulness she draws on science and the mind-body data to support moms to embrace, nurture and enjoy their motherhood journey. What she is most passionate about is spreading the message that if you love the body and life you have, you will have the body and life you love.


1:00 - Introduction

3:00 - Not Generalizing

7:00 - Adapt or Adopt

10:00 - Learnings from the Past that Improve Her Game

12:30 - After care and Emotional fitness

15:30 - Helping Players with Mental Recovery

17:00 - Techniques to get back to the Center

21:00 - Learning the Technique

23:30 - Competitiveness

27:30 - I Love Coaching

29:30 - Public Identity

31:30 - Honor Someone

36:00 - Origin of the Podcast

40:00 - Living a Life of Servitude

43:00 - Importance of Building Relationship with the Players

46:00 - Connecting at the Heart level

48:30 - 10-second Pitch Idea

52:00 - Sandwich Approach

54:00 - Keep and Add

55:00 - Communication and Feedback

57:00 - Replacing Compliance with Curiosity

59:00 - Coaching and Relationships

1:01:00 - Weaknesses become Strengths

1:06:00 - The Story I'm Telling Myself

1:07:30 - Concept of Holding Space

1:10:00 - Conclusion

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