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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 66, 28th March 2021
Ep 66: A Blueprint for the Elite CrossFit Athlete with Evan Peikon
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Ep 66: A Blueprint for the Elite CrossFit Athlete with Evan Peikon

On the show today, I have Evan Peikon, an integrative physiologist and sports scientist who founded the Emergent Performance Lab, a research group that combines technological innovation, experimentation, and systems thinking to create practical interventions that drive meaningful performance outcomes.

Evan is also a performance coach for Training Think Tank, a group of handpicked coaches who provide programming, education and support to athletes all over the world, with a particular focus on training CrossFit competitors.

We dive deep into the science behind high-performing CrossFit athletes, determining what the focus should be on when looking to increase work capacity, the muscle fiber types most prevalent in elite competitors, staving off fatigue, improving your breathing, and other strategies that lead to better performance on different movements.

Evan also discusses his approach to structuring a training program for CrossFit athletes, who need to perform well in multiple areas, as compared to training athletes with narrow objectives (i.e., powerlifters, long-distance runners, etc.).

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [00:59] An introduction to Evan and TTT
  • [03:43] Improving your work capacity in CrossFit and what sets the 1% of competitors apart
  • [14:22] Maintaining critical power and improving capacity to supply the muscle
  • [26:54] Getting better on a movement
  • [38:53] Organizing training for athletes who need to perform well in so many different areas
  • [49:12] Consistent core variables that Evan focuses on with nearly every single one of his athletes
  • [54:40] Nasal breathing versus mouth breathing
  • [58:14] James and Evan’s parting advice


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