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Episode 340 – We Overanalyze Gene’s Bank shot on Paul
Episode 34020th September 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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We welcome Rob Kristjansson for the first time to the show! This week we are doing a little nostalgia, comparing pronunciations, and getting caught up.

(12:16) Today’s topic centers around recent news between Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth with a sprinkling of Paul Stanley. In brief, Gene made some disparaging comments about Dave that spiraled into multiple news headlines that had Kiss fans talking. What the hell is going on between Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth. We share Gene’s original statement (16:08) and Dave’s response to it, followed by a “statement” by Paul Stanley (26:08). And then Gene apologized (29:57). The question we pose is: who put Gene up to apologize?

This all rolls into Paul Stanley and his vocal struggles (40:32) and we discuss a rather bad performance of Love Gun in Barcelona (43:53). (51:52) We finish off this episode with some “Farewell Tour” talk and how, literally Keith Richards is out of his tree.

Jim and Rob Overanalyze Everything:

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