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Generative AI, Section 230 and Liability: Assessing the Questions
23rd March 2023 • The Sunday Show • Tech Policy Press
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In this episode of the podcast, we hear three perspectives on generative AI systems and the extent to which their makers may be exposed to potential liability. I spoke to three experts, each with their own views on questions such as whether Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act-- which has provided broad immunity to internet platforms that host third party content-- will apply to systems like ChatGPT.

Guests, in order of appearance, include: 

  • Jess Miers, legal advocacy counsel at the Chamber of Progress, an industry coalition whose partners include Meta, Apple, Google, Amazon, and others;
  • James Grimmelmann, a law professor at Cornell with appointments at Cornell Tech and Cornell Law School;
  • Hany Farid, a professor at the University of California Berkeley with a joint appointment in the computer and information science departments.



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