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28. Mind-Body Connection: Balancing the Spiritual & Physical, with Kim White
Episode 2820th July 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Kim White is a track athlete who had won national and international titles, and he was training for selection in the 1992 Australian Olympic team when he noticed that, despite every other factor in his training and regimen being controlled, his performance could change depending on the hotel room he slept in the night before the race. He realized that the environment could have a positive or negative impact on his race performance. As a kid, he always loved gradual improvement, but when he started shooting for the Olympic medal, he overextended himself and injured himself. He shares the lessons he learned from that experience, how it led to a fascination with the mind-body connection, and how he uses this knowledge to help people heal.

What Brett asks:

  • [02:49] Can you share about your early childhood experiences and how that informed your life today?
  • [10:40] How did your life start to change after your father had his tumor removed?
  • [13:34] How did running play a role in your healing process?
  • [17:47] What did your coach do to make you so successful in just six weeks?
  • [19:56] What was the experience of being on the Olympic team?
  • [22:53] How did not making the team end up being such a valuable learning?
  • [29:26] Can you talk about how you’ve taken this learning and become a coach yourself?
  • [36:44] How are you working now with people? What is your total offering and coaching practice?
  • [40:43] How much do the plan and the execution match up with the physical?

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