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Dr. John & Dr. Mike Mew - The Mouth, the Teeth and Craniofacial Development
Episode 624th January 2023 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“Chew some gum, stand up straight and shut your mouth.”

On the latest episode of the Oxygen Advantage podcast, OA founder Patrick McKeown welcomes renowned orthodontists Dr. John and Dr. Mike Mew.

Dr. John Mew is the originator of orthotropics, a type of oral posture training designed to prevent poor craniofacial development in children. A lifelong pursuit, Dr. Mew has always been intrigued by the development of the face. After seeing that many young people develop retracted jaws which can negatively affect their appearance as well as contribute to issues such as sleep apnea, he began to develop his theories.

John is joined on the podcast by his son, Dr. Mike Mew, a fellow orthodontist who has continued his father’s work to improve the craniofacial development of the next generation from his clinic in Purley, London.

Both men talk to Patrick about the reasoning behind their work as well as the benefits of keeping the mouth closed both for improved functional breathing, crooked teeth and improved craniofacial development.

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