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Lines or The Connecting Points
Episode 262nd March 2023 • The Awareness to Action Enneagram Podcast • Awareness to Action
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In this episode of the Awareness to Action Enneagram podcast, Mario Sikora, María José Munita and Seth "Creek" Creekmore talk about lines, as how Awareness to Action refers to them, the connecting points. There are many theories out there and the three hosts explore how ATA approaches them.

“Just like we don’t choose the preferred strategies every time we’re doing something, it just happens. The same way when we switch or we use another strategy in one of the connecting points, it’s not conscious. It just happens, but we can see the pattern. We see the dynamics working that way.” -María José [05:28]

“It’s important to clarify real quick that the lines, think of them as arms. You’re not moving to that other number. You’re using that arm, grabbing that and bringing it back to your preferred strategy.” -Creek [12:43]

“I have found that the biggest payoff for your energy is focusing on your Enneagram point and the two connecting points. The other things are at best incremental and relatively minor adjustments.” -Mario [31:07]


[00:02] Intro

[00:36] The connecting points

[02:56] Adaptive strategies

[06:32] Adaptive and maladaptive ways

[09:38] The neglected strategy

[17:12] Directions of integration and disintegration

[21:28] The support strategy

[27:39] Using both connecting points

[30:22] Why not use all nine strategies?

[34:44] What it means to feel powerful

[36:46] ATA’s approach to the connecting points

[38:42] Outro

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