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Podcaster Stories - Danny Brown BONUS EPISODE, 12th November 2020
The Thank You Episode
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The Thank You Episode

Welcome to a special bonus episode of Podcaster Stories. As the show approaches the midway point of Season 2, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you to you, the listeners, who have added this show to your regular listening habit, resulting in the show growing week on week since launch earlier this year.

Thank you to my guests:

for sharing their stories with me, and for being so open and gracious with their time while doing so.

Thank you to the kind folks who have left a review for Podcaster Stories, Reviews help other listeners like you find the show for themselves, so thank you. And if you want to leave a review of your own, simply go to lovethepodcast.com/podcasterstories and choose where you want to leave the review. 

And thank you to the podcasting community for the way they're always willing to help others grow, and to the podcasting tech platforms that make life easier for people like me to make a show like this. Companies like Squadcast, Auphonic, Focusrite, Samson, and Captivate, who turned out to be a podcast host so good I ended up joining their team! 

Doing this show has been a real pleasure for me, and I've learned so much from those I've interviewed for the show, and those I've chatted with either online or via email. I hope you continue to enjoy, and I look forward to sharing more podcaster stories with you.

Contact me: danny@podcasterstories.com

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