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Rooted and Relevant: Inspiring Dialogue on Education, Faith, and the Human Experience with University of Indianapolis President Tanuja Singh (Part 2)
Episode 9129th January 2024 • Be Encouraged with Bishop Julius C. Trimble • Bishop Julius C. Trimble
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Bishop Julius C. Trimble is the Resident Bishop of the Indiana Area of the United Methodist Church.

Bishop Trimble has the personal mission to encourage all people with the love of Jesus Christ to rise to their highest potential. It is his commitment to his personal mission that led Bishop Trimble to create the “To Be Encouraged” Podcast along with co-host Rev.Dr. Brad Miller.

Bishop Trimble says, “I am compelled by Jesus to share with you an encouraging word or two about Jesus, theology, the Bible, the pandemic, the environment, racism, voting rights, human sexuality, and the state of the United Methodist Church.”

To Be Encouraged with Bishop Julius C. Trimble is to be published weekly and is available at and all the podcast directories.

Episode 091 of To Be Encouraged is Part 2 of two part conversation with President President Tanuja Singh from the University of Indianapolis.

Part 1 is available at this link:

In this episode, Bishop Julius C. Trimble and President Tanuja Singh engage in a heartfelt conversation about the intersection of education, faith, and the common humanity we all share. They discuss the importance of fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment at the University of Indianapolis, where students are encouraged to engage in deep and meaningful dialogues about their faith traditions and their shared purpose as part of the same human family.

President Tanuja Singh shares her passion for empowering students to make a difference in their communities, emphasizing the value of remaining rooted and relevant in today's world. Together, Bishop Trimble and President Singh express their commitment to promoting understanding, compassion, and respect across different faith traditions, ultimately hoping to inspire listeners to find encouragement in their own lives. Episode 091 explores how the power of faith, education, and a sense of purpose can bring people together and foster positive change.