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Multidisciplinary and Integrative Approach to Cybersecurity Education
Episode 71st September 2021 • The Cybersecurity Readiness Podcast Series • Dr. Dave Chatterjee
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In a very engaging and thoughtful discussion, Dr. Jimmie Lenz, Dir. Master of Engineering in FinTech and Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering, spoke to the importance of a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to cybersecurity education. He emphasized the need for a very pragmatic approach to cyber education where students are taught by active industry professionals and also get to apply the learned skills in real organizational settings. Dr. Lenz strongly believes in empowering future cybersecurity professionals with a broad breadth of hard and soft skills so they develop the necessary technical expertise and business savvy.

Memorable Jimmie Lenz Quotes/Statements

“When I think about cybersecurity education, I stray away from the theoretical and move towards the applied.”

“We have been very very purposeful in designing our classes for the (cybersecurity) program. We have been just as purposeful in finding professors to teach those classes. Pretty much every professor we have in the program also works in the industry.”

“I think a breadth of perspectives is really necessary for cybersecurity today. I think part of the problem that you just mentioned around lack of training, lack of skill set, is because people have been taught one thing, and they have gone very very deep on that one thing. But I think today to be successful in the industry and to serve the industry and public in general, we really have to have a broad breadth of skill sets and understandings.”


1:46 – Given your experience, how do you relate to cybersecurity education and training?

3:11 – In terms of skill sets, what should students be getting from a cyber education program?

8:20 – When it comes to teaching in the classroom, what does it take to effectively instill some of the cybersecurity skills that you have been talking about?

13:28 – What are your thoughts on providing foundational cybersecurity training and awareness to students from all majors?

17:23 – Can you speak to the importance of instilling in students (future cyber professionals) the mindset and professional savvy of dealing with and navigating through an uncertain and constantly changing work environment?

21:37 – What are your thoughts on instilling in students different types of soft skills such as interpersonal skills?

26:43 – Any final thoughts?

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