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Supply Chain Buzz: Vaccine Distro Update, Automotive Changes Ahead & Nurfad Nadarevic
7th January 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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In this week's episode of the Supply Chain Buzz, Scott and Greg welcome Nurfad Nadarevic to the podcast to talk about all the top stories in supply chain this week.

Nurfad Nadarevic went to the University of Windsor with the notion that a degree in biology would get him to medical school and that he would live happily ever after. In 2011 shortly after the completion of his studies, he started a trucking company with my dad. He has been in the transportation industry for the past decade and has fallen in love with the Logistics and transportation industry and the mechanics of any and all supply chains as a whole. Currently, he is the VP of Sales for MyTruckr, a revolutionary digital freight technology company in Canada changing the way freight moves by taking it digital and giving the freedom to the smaller trucking companies to service various supply chains across various sectors in the Canadian economy. He is also a podcaster who is going to work on having more episodes in 2021 to respectfully shares insights and knowledge in the logistics world, the podcast is called " the In transit podcast" and when he’s not changing diapers this year, he’ll be releasing episodes for people to listen up.

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