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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder with Natalie Vecchione of the FASD Hope Podcast
Episode 654th January 2021 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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Do you know someone touched by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?

We have learned over the years here at CausePods that so many causes exist under the fabric of society without ever seeing mainstream attention. 

This is the case with our interview with Natalie Vecchione from the FASD Hope podcast, where she highlights stories of hope for parents who may just be beginning to face this diagnosis or maybe have worked through it alone for years. 

Natalie teaches us to use our stories and help share others' stories to help build bonds of connection, so that cause advocates know they are not alone. 

Key Topics:

  • What is FASD, and what makes this cause important (1:14)
  • What are some of the subtle symptoms of FASD (4:43)
  • How much of FASD happens to regular people who just make a mistake (7:54)
  • How did you get started making this your cause of choice to support (12:40)
  • Where did Natalie learn her way around podcasting that helped her launch FASD Hope (16:19)
  • What were some of the biggest lessons learned that helped make FASD Hope easier to launch (17:55)
  • What made Proof Alliance her charity of choice to support with this episode (21:00)
  • For anyone launching a cause-based podcast, what is your advice to them (23:29)


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