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Working Hours - Western Studios, Leeds Ltd EPISODE 2, 5th April 2021
Episode 12

Episode 12

Anonymous male recorded 02/02/2021

My guest this episode worked for 20 years for a firm of stock brokers. Through a personal project of trying to maximise what he could achieved within his lunch hour he has now found himself working within the area of work based well-being. We discuss a number of topics from my guest’s time working at a stockbrokers, looking at some of the myriad things he was able to achieve within those lunch hours and we discuss some of his thinking around the ways that we might raise awareness of well-being at work and also how we might, perhaps, embed some well-being practices in to our workplaces or into our ways of working.

Lunch Unpacked article: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/266967196_Lunch_Breaks_Unpacked_The_Role_of_Autonomy_as_a_Moderator_of_Recovery_during_Lunch