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CEO of MGR360, Alicia Thrasher, shares 3 must-have tools for bosses (Ep 111)
Episode 11123rd September 2022 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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How do you assess your self-awareness as a leader?

In this episode we cover, the five fundamental skills all great managers and leaders master, from motivating people to developing self-awareness. We cover three distinct tools at your disposal as a boss—and when to use each. Thrasher also covers proven approaches to the key manager responsibilities, from setting clear goals with employees to keeping people accountable (without becoming the dreading micromanager) to attracting superstars to the team.

If you're wondering how to positively influence employee engagement in your organization, this is the episode for you.


  1. What should we be training individual contributors for vs. a manager? (12:30)
  2. How do you succession plan for an individual contributor moving into a managerial role? (13:46)
  3. How can leaders better understand their team's motivations? (21:00)


Check out Alicia Thrasher's Book, The Manager's Playbook.



Alicia Thrasher is the co-founder and CEO of MGR360, a leadership development and software company based in Austin, Texas. She is the coauthor, with Joel Trammell, of The Manager’s Playbook: Make Exceptional People Management Your Competitive Advantage.

With more than 20 years of management experience in the information technology and consulting space, Alicia understands what it takes to manage people effectively, even through the most complex situations. Before becoming CEO of MGR360, she brought her leadership, vision, and strategic oversight to many executive positions, including leading programs for eBay/PayPal, Google, and Anheuser-Busch.

Alicia graduated with a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in Management Information Systems. She also holds Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certifications.

 “The past year has presented an unprecedented shift in the U.S. economy. The demand for workers came soaring back after it dipped low during the pandemic, and millions of workers have retired early, quit their jobs or otherwise stayed on the sidelines. Now more than ever, strong leadership is necessary to help organizations stay ahead of these continuing challenges.

In her new book, The Manager’s Playbook: Make Exceptional People Management Your Competitive Advantage (January 2022), management expert Alicia Thrasher draws on her decades of experience to provide new and powerful strategies for better people management.”