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The one about Becoming a Wisdom Well - A Client Case Study Episode
Episode 31st February 2024 • Adulting with Ebonie The Podcast • Ebonie Allard
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In this week's episode, I speak to Jill Robinson, a movement, Pilates and Breathwork teacher with over 25 years of teaching fitness, holistic wellness and women’s health. This is the first in a series of episodes where I interview my clients so that you get a behind-the-scenes view of what its really like to work with me.

Listen on to hear:

  • Where she was before working with me, what made her say yes even though I wasn't what she thought she was looking for, and why she highly recommends trusting your gut.
  • The impact of the clarity and focus that she's gotten by embodying her Human Design. [2/4 Sacral Manifesting Generator]
  • What has helped her go from feeling disorganised, unprepared and unprofessional, to feeling and behaving like the Wisdom Well that she actually is!
  • What it's really like to have someone see beyond the layers that you outwardly project, and what opening up to deeper intimacy has done for her business, energy and bank balance.

Plus, in this week's behind-the-scenes 'The Patron Part with Jill Robinson' you get to hear the best and the worst bits of working with me. The most valuable part of her experience, her favourite bit, when she last felt truly satisfied, and the secret to reverse ageing!

About Jill:

Jill is a movement, Pilates and Breathwork teacher with over 25 years teaching fitness, holistic wellness and women’s health. She runs her popular Pilates studio in County Durham. She fuses the physical and the mystical, and believes that true health encompasses all the bodies of wellness - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

She has written a book ‘The Embodied Core’ which brings together the science of pelvic and back pain in women, with the deeper emotional and spiritual areas that get overlooked in modern medical assessments. Her book is available from Amazon or website below.

You can find her here on her website




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