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Refresh and Recharge: Bringing Consistency to the Show on a Daily Basis
Episode 16428th September 2023 • Finding the NEXTLevel • Ken Eash
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In this episode, I share my thoughts on taking our show to the next level and bringing more consistency to our content. I propose a new format that includes different themes for each day of the week.

Mondays will be dedicated to motivational or educational stories that teach important concepts and principles. I want to inspire and empower our listeners to strive for greatness.

On Tuesdays, we will focus on improving personal and professional relationships. I believe that strong relationships are crucial for success in all aspects of life, so I want to provide practical advice and strategies for building and nurturing these connections.

Wednesdays will be all about business. I aim to support solo entrepreneurs by sharing valuable tips and advice to help them grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

Tech enthusiasts will find Thursdays particularly exciting as we delve into the world of digital tools. I'll highlight the best tech recommendations and share how these tools have improved my own everyday life.

And on Fridays, I want to send our listeners off to the weekend with a motivational boost. I'll share inspiring quotes that will uplift and motivate you to continue pursuing your dreams and aspirations.

I also believe that weekends should be a time for self-care and reflection, so I plan to focus on personal recharge during those days. It's important to take care of ourselves and find inner balance.

If you have specific topics or questions you'd like us to cover, I encourage you to join our Telegram group and let me know. I'm always open to discussing relationships, tech recommendations, or any other areas you need assistance with.

I'm excited about the direction our show is taking and I can't wait to bring you more great content. Keep up the good work and stay tuned for the exciting changes ahead!